Greek Sorority and Fraternity Composites / Bid Day

John Carnessali Syracuse Photography Studio is located in Upstate NY and provide the  best in fraternity and sorority composite, bid day, and event photography for fraternity and sorority members across New York / Upstate NY area including; Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, Cortland, Oswego, Buffalo, Ithaca, Auburn and more. I have been photographing  fraternity and sorority members for their composite and bid day services for years.  I provide a higher level of work for a fraction of the cost of  corporate factory photography service providers.  The advantages of hiring a professional photographer instead of going with one of the “chain-store”, corporate, composite companies is; Genuine talent and professional equipment.. not some amateur “photographer” getting paid $10 bucks an hour with cheap studio and camera gear.  More affordable pricing with a higher level of professionalism and quality.  An easier and more simplified experience, quicker turnaround time as well as an experienced,  professional photographer who will bring out the best in fraternity and sorority members.

I encourage Greek councils to hire a professional photographer for their fraternity and/or sorority chapters composite and bid day photography needs.  Tired of waiting for your fraternity or sorority composite? Tired of weird, lame, unprofessional photographers showing up? I am a professional and provide fast turnaround time for fraternity and sorority member composites. I work with your fraternity or sorority to proof all images and make necessary changes to your photographs.

Forget about corporate photography studios where they overcharge and under perform   Go with a professional photography studio with years of experience photographing models, politicians, musicians as well as sorority and fraternity members.

Below is a list of colleges I am able to serve.

State University of New York (SUNY)

Federal service academies