“I Love You” Photography Session

I recently had a client come up with this idea and I LOVED it – Her husband is in the military and her intention was to post a new picture on Facebook each day for 30 days to show her love and to help her while he is away.  It inspired me to think of a unique way to incorporate the same kind of spirit in a photography session.  A special session to give to your significant other in the Military… or perhaps, you are in the Military and would like to give this as a gift to your significant other.  An “I Love You” session would also be a wonderful gift to any person you love – A significant other, father, mother, sister, grandparents, etc… – to let them know how much you love them. It is a wonderful way to express, share and connect with the person you love – whether in the military or not.

I have included some of her ideas that I think we could carry out during a photo session.  The number of different pictures would be dependent on time together. It could be just one or ten.  These are just some ideas – you may have ideas of your own and I would love to hear them. I am presently offering this session at a special rate for military personnel and for people who have a significant other in the military.  However, it is open to all persons and anyone interested in setting a session inspired by the following list.  Please contact me if you are interested!

A picture of you and your military significant other.
A picture of you and your military significant other being silly.
A picture of how you met (for example, computer for you met online, school for you met in high school), and tell the date you met. Did you know then that you’d be where you are with him today?
A picture of the family he had to leave behind to protect his country.

A picture of a wonderful friend that you’ve made because of your significant other being in the military.
A picture of your favorite thing that you or your significant other has made and tell what it is.
A picture of the stationary you pour your heart out onto in letters to your significant other.
A picture of a book you are reading/have read because of your significant other being in the military and tell how it has helped you.
A picture of your favorite military support accessory and tell where you got it from.
A picture of what consumes most of your time when your significant other is away.

A picture of your favorite piece of jewelry that your man has gotten you and why it is your favorite.
A picture of something your significant other left you while he was away and how that helped you… did/do you carry it with you or sleep with it?
A picture of the lyrics of yours and your significant other’s song and tell how it became your song.
A picture of his favorite show and tell of one episode you watched with him.
A picture of you in something military. (shirt, camo,etc.)

A picture of what keeps you strong when your military significant other is away.
A picture and tell what your life would be like without your significant other.
A picture of you in your significant other’s favorite sports team shirt.

A picture of something that reminds you of your significant other and tell why it does.
A picture of your favorite military significant other support group and tell how it has helped you.