Photography Sessions Inside Your Home


A portrait photography session can be a wonderful gift for the holidays. Whether it is a family photography session, portrait session or you are giving a gift certificate for a future photography sitting, pictures are a perfect gift for the holidays.

Sometimes the weather in Syracuse and Upstate New York is less than accommodating, so photographing outside may not be an option. Of course there is always the studio, but if possible, I always try to encourage clients to consider holding the session within their home. Why? Because your home or a friends home can provide a wonderful backdrop to capture intimate, natural and personal portraits. A home has natural props such as sofa’s, tables and chairs. The environment is warm and often reflects the person/people in a more sincere and natural way.


All that is generally required is a room with some space to shoot. It need not be fancy or decorated. I have provided some pictures from a recent photography sitting. It is a great example of how little is required and the various types of images that can come from having the photography sitting on-location in your home.

This image shows the space I was shooting in for the images that follow.  It wasn’t a lot of room and there wasn’t a lot of options.

Little room is needed to set up an indoor photography session in your home


Here are just a few of the images we got from this set up which included both natural light and flash.

Example of a photography session in a Syracuse home
Photo of a holiday photography session in a clients livingroom in Syracuse
Newborn Holiday Photography Session in Syracuse, NY
Syracuse Professional Holiday Photography in your home