Comparing Helios 44m-4 58mm 2.0 and Meyer Primoplan 58mm 1.9 bokeh

Hi everyone.  I am an aspiring portrait lens collector.

Here I will be comparing the Helios 44m-4 58mm 2.0 portrait lens and the Meyer Primoplan 58mm 1.9 portrait lens.  My main intention was to compare the bokeh of each.  I was surprised to find how similar they really are.  This was not a well controlled test… I did not put on tripod and I manually focused (you can see in a couple pictures how the focus was slightly different.  I should mention that for the Meyer Primoplan, I brought down the exposure a bit (I would estimate 1 full stop) since even though the cameras were set exactly the same, the Meyer exposed brighter.  Other than that, each were shot @ 2.0 aperture, on Canon 5D in RAW (converted to Jpeg in LR), minimally processed (slight increase in saturation and thats about it… no sharpening at all).

Here are the results.





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