Jennifer and Tucker

“Looking through the wedding pictures last night brought me so much joy.  You did such a beautiful job, and you captured so many special moments.  My husband told me that some of the pictures you took of his relatives show them happier than he has ever seen them in his entire life.  You even found his super grouchy Aunt —— in a loving moment on the dance floor with her husband.  You truly have a gift…to catch so many of those moments with such ease…it truly is a talent.  While the formals are beautiful, I especially love the private moments you caught, when we didn’t know you were shooting, especially of my husband and I.  Thank you so much for your efforts.  We SOOOO did not need a videographer…you captured it all, and we are so grateful for the time you put in before, during, and after our wedding. You are a rock star.  Thank you, thank you…”

Hope all is well with you!