I am a Syracuse Head Shot Photographer that has been published both nationally and internationally.

The online world today is without a doubt a first impression one.  It has never been more important to have photos of yourself that portray who you are and what you do.  As the saying goes "You only get one chance to make a good first impression".  Acting and modeling agencies, clients, competitions, etc.. will see a head shot, acting or modeling photos before they ever speak to you.

I am an professional photographer with 15+ years experience that got my start in the fashion and modeling industry when I lived in L.A. and assisted photographer Ron Jaffe who photographed A-list celebrities.  With that experience and over the many years of being a professional head shot photographer myself, I have become well aware of the importance of conveying interesting and captivating facial expressions and body angles to catch the attention and interest of the viewer. Over the 15 years I have honed the balance and craft of photographing subjects in their authentic and natural state, while also coaching and guiding my them to produce both natural and flattering body and facial expressions during their session.

It's not just capturing but creating! During our session, I will suggest and teach you to bring out the subtleties of the human face that attract us to certain people and images.  After the shoot I put many hours of work developing the images to bring them to their full glory and make them stand out. It is my goal to bring out the best in my clients while also producing many options or looks to choose from. I would rather have 10 different looking images than 100 of the same. Whether it is business and professional head shots for business, social media, acting, pageants or modeling, I strive to give each client the most beautiful, creative and powerful photographs of themselves that they have ever experienced.

I work with actor and models of all ages including child models and actors.

My work has been published both nationally and internationally. Some clients I have worked with include The President of the United States,
Miss New York Shelbie Handville, Labatt's, Syracuse University, MacKenzie-Childs, Burger King, Bauer Hockey, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Lambda Legal, Aspen Dental, Auston Matthews from NHL and New York Times Best Selling Author Tamora Pierce among many others

I was looking for the best local head shot photographers near me to do a business head shot. There were some ok business portrait photographers but I wanted a head shot photographer whose work stood out. Corporate photography is very important in this day and age so I wasn't willing to settle for some cheap photographer. John's work was inexpensive but also the best head shot photos I had come across, so I reached out to him. I am thrilled with the outcome and would recommend him without hesitation.

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